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Designer and Team Leader Marleen van Schagen

If you’re holding one of our colourful digital prints in your hands, then there's a big chance that is was created by designer Marleen. She really is in her element at the computer. “I just love working ideas out and adding details to a design.” 

Hundreds of colourful designs

With nine years under her belt, Marleen is one of the first B&B Fabrics employees. She witnessed the family firm grow into a professional organisation where everyone works passionately on the most wonderful fabric collections. At the time, she was in no doubt about working here – despite a one-hour commute. “I was familiar with the fabrics and had already met Floris a couple of times. We hit it off straight away and I had a great feeling about it.” But Marleen’s design style had already attracted attention, too. “I called to ask if they perhaps needed another designer, and two weeks later they took me on.”

Marleen has already created hundreds of designs, and she takes as much delight in making her five-hundredth as she did when making the first. “This really is my dream job”, she explains. And the twinkle in her eye confirms that she is exactly where she should be. “I prefer to design digitally and create a sort of collage. This provides so many options, resulting in a design that looks really lavish and strong.” Marleen’s style is thus really colourful and detailed, which is funny given that her own home doesn’t feature much in the way of prints. “I think that the real enjoyment comes from designing beyond my own taste and really putting myself in a customer’s shoes.”

Marleen van Schagen
Beach house fabric

Outdoorsy type

When Marleen isn’t sitting at her desk designing, she’s outdoors enjoying nature to the full. Which is why she loves living with her husband and children (4 & 5 years) surrounded by woodland in Oosterbeek. “When I hear the birds singing or the leaves rustling in the trees, it gives me so much peace.” But sitting still is not her thing at all. She’s a sporty type and can’t resist a challenge. From camping to racing bikes and from jogging to boot camp. “I’m competitive and don’t give up easily When hit with setbacks, I keep going.” This mentality also helps her as team leader of the design team. Is a process not running smoothly? Marleen doesn’t let it defeat her, but ensures that everyone focuses on what they’re good at. 

designer B&B Fabrics

“I love seeing how we start with nothing and end with a wonderful fabric.”

Fun first

Within the team of three female designers, each has her own qualities and expertise. Where Marleen is good in the digital setting, the other paints beautifully, with another possessing a fine and delicate style of drawing. “If we start on a new collection, we all select designs we really prefer working on.” After all, she asserts, if you enjoy working on a design, you’ll get the best result.

Marleen gains inspiration for such designs from all over the place; from a lovely stripe on some wallpaper to a foreign magazine. But it’s also at moments when you’re not looking for it that great some ideas arise. Such as when holidaying in Zeeland. “I was jogging and ran past a number of beach huts. I loved the way they looked so much that I stopped to take a photo.” Later this proved to be the source of inspiration for the ‘Beach House Happy’ design.

Marleen proudly looks back on the many collections she was involved in designing. “I love seeing how we start with nothing and end with a wonderful fabric. And if I stumble across a product with our design lying in a store, it makes me feel really proud.” She beams. “Our design team created that!”

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