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One textile family with everything needed to delight you with the most beautiful decorative fabrics

Passion for textiles, working together as one family and being there for our clients - these are our priorities.

be passionate

Passion for textiles

Our fabrics are a gift, so is working on them together. We make people happy and that makes us happy.

We develop ‘own’ collections in-house with our skilled family of passionate people.

Thanks to years of knowledge & experience, we have a specialist for every challenge.

We delight with the most beautiful collections, we follow all trends closely and apply the latest techniques, because we enjoy that.

That is how we create flawless fabrics and that is exactly what we are passionate about. There is nothing we would rather do.

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be ready

Cut from the same cloth

We have everything you need and are at your service to give you and your clients the attention they deserve.

When there is market demand for something, we supply it. Always from stock and with short lead times.

Thanks to our streamlined process, we are ready for action and we always have a suitable solution.

We reinvent ourselves and are ready for the new era. That way, we offer the best results for you and your store.

We are at your service with the best advice, the most beautiful creations, as well as personal attention.

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be one

We are one family

We are an authentic textile family with family members across the whole world, woven into a single unit. Big, but with short lines.

We offer the best service with that personal touch. Preferably in the client's own home.

Where we celebrate successes together, learn from one another, and act quickly like one dynamic team.

Unity is strength, and we do everything in collaboration. With our partners all over the world, and with a sense of familiarity.

Ultimately with a single goal: to turn clients into ambassadors. We settle for nothing less.

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