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Christmas Collection 2022
| 27-09-2022

B&B Fabrics and Christmas have been inextricably linked for decades. ‘In the olden days', we used to refer to ourselves as specialists when it came to Christmas fabric, with thousands of feet of it, figuratively speaking, flying over the counter. We, too, were amazed by the success of all the mini Santas, Christmas trees, Christmas animal decorations and all the matching red-white-and-green patterns, stripes and checks. Because... well, in the Netherlands, there are only two days of Christmas a year. So why this demand?

Autumn - Winter Collection 2022
| 14-09-2022

From golden yellow leaves to delightful forest animals and from an ode to the Dutch master to a refreshing explosion of colour. We are proud to present our 2022 Autumn – Winter Collection: a diverse collection consisting of seven themes (we call them stories), each offering a different perspective of the season and the latest trends.


Happy People: account manager Anneke van Nistelrooy
| 27-06-2022

Anneke van Nistelrooy grew up with a real winner's mentality. As a little girl, she was brought up with competitive sports and ‘going for gold’ was instilled in her at an early age. That is reflected in her leisure time on the tennis court and in her job as Account Manager for B&B Fabrics. Anneke derives great pleasure from making people happy in her sales role. She is a people person who is passionate about her field. We are proud to tell you more about this enthusiast.

Happy People: sales manager Titus Bertrums
| 20-06-2022

Trade and textiles have been interwoven with Titus Bertrums' life from a young age. As the 4th generation of family-run business B&B Fabrics, he has been the face of sales for many years. Our Sales Manager is always on a quest for a good relationship. Whether it concerns colleagues, business contacts, or clients, he creates a good bond everywhere. Because as he says himself: “You want to build trust, on a business level, as well as a personal level. Only then do you get that sense of family.” And Titus still enjoys that every day. Time to get to know B&B's familar face a little better.

Happy People: developer Wendy Huijs - van den Ham
| 13-04-2022

Wendy calls herself a real 'textile nerd'. She is crazy about fabrics, prints, bindings, trends and everything about textiles. "Textiles are very versatile. I find anything that has anything to do with it interesting." Ever since she was about 4 years old, she has been surrounded by her mother's sewing equipment. "I didn't play with dolls, but I did like to dress them up". So it came as no surprise that Wendy chose to study fashion and textiles. This power woman lives in her own unique way. Time to get to know her a little better.

Summer Collection 2022
| 28-03-2022

The wait is almost over: just a little longer and we can finally start enjoying the first warm days of summer. The perfect time for us to launch our Summer Collection 2022, packed with new fabrics and designs. We would like to introduce our new collection to you!

The success of H&H Cologne
| 24-03-2022

We were finally allowed again! Last weekend, B&B Fabrics was present at H&H Cologne again after three years. H&H Cologne is a trade fair for the ‘Handmade Business’. At this fair, everything revolves around creativity, trends in the handicraft industry, and the most beautiful and fun materials.