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B&B Fabrics stalenafdeling

Head of swatch department Astrid Bertrums

Whenever you hear uplifting Latin music, you know Astrid is nearby. Our head of the swatch department is a ray of sunshine, and her colourful outfits perfectly complement the equally expressive fabrics around her. Which is precisely where she prefers to be. "I just really love fabrics," she says.

B&B Fabrics magazijn

Logistics team leader Vincent Lamers

Easy-going Vincent is a true team player and therefore feels completely in his element as team leader of the logistics department. "We work for and with each other, no one is on their own." And with that sentiment, he and our warehouse staff ensure that you, the customer, get your favourite fabric rolls quickly.

Marleen designer

Designer and Team Leader Marleen van Schagen

If you’re holding one of our colourful digital prints in your hands, then there's a big chance that is was created by designer Marleen. She really is in her element at the computer. “I just love working ideas out and adding details to a design.” 

B&B Fabrics Floris Bertrums

Creative director & owner Floris Bertrums

Floris Bertrums grew up in an entrepreneurial family and is the 4th generation in the family business B&B Fabrics. “I love the freedom and creativity that comes with being an entrepreneur,” he says. Together with his colleagues, friends and family, he continues to grow the company.

onze kernwaarden

Our key values

As a family-run business for four generations, unique attributes and familiar standards and values are never far away. To embed these into our organisational culture even further, we took a critical look under the hood of our brand. We are proud to present the ‘new’ B&B Fabrics.

Titus Bertrums

Sales manager Titus Bertrums

Trade and textiles have been interwoven with Titus Bertrums' life from a young age. As the 4th generation of family-run business B&B Fabrics, he has been the face of sales for many years. Our Sales Manager is always on a quest for a good relationship. Whether it concerns colleagues, business contacts, or clients, he creates a good bond everywhere. Because as he says himself: “You want to build trust, on a business level, as well as a personal level. Only then do you get that sense of family.”

Wendy Huijs

Developer Wendy Huijs - van den Ham

Wendy calls herself a real 'textile nerd'. She is crazy about fabrics, prints, bindings, trends and everything about textiles. "Textiles are very versatile. I find anything that has anything to do with it interesting." Ever since she was about 4 years old, she has been surrounded by her mother's sewing equipment.

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