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We supply premium quality fabrics and guarantee you will receive no complaints about the quality of our products. You can read about how we do that and why we find it so important in this blog. We also explain why this is so beneficial for our clients.


The literal meaning of premium is the best. B&B Fabrics supplies the best quality interior fabrics. But what does this involve from a technical perspective? How do you determine what the best fabrics are? And why do we choose these?

Composition of the fabric
The yarns that are woven into fabric can be natural or synthetic. In general, the natural version seems best. 100% cotton or 100% linen, who doesn't want that? It sounds rich and luxurious. Yet it can produce a better result to opt for a combination of natural and synthetic yarns. A percentage of synthetic yarns can provide a great advantage when it comes to processing the fabrics, the colour intensity, or the washing result. We look for the best combination for each type of fabric.

Thread count
The thread count per cm is a good measure of the quality of a fabric. The woven base cloth consists of warp threads and weft threads. The higher the number of warp threads and the higher the number of weft threads per centimetre, the better the interior or decorative fabric. Particularly with the applications for decorative fabric in mind, we want our fabrics to have a minimum weight of 200 grams per m2. Not only does a higher thread count per cm produce a heavier weight, but also a higher fabric density. This increases the colour intensity when printed, and also when the woven fabric is used as plain cloth, or when it has a woven design. We therefore opt for more warp and weft threads so the fabric is nice and firm and beautiful in colour.

The most beautiful designs
We take the development of a design very seriously. There's no accounting for taste, but we are confident we have a skilled team with a great deal of experience and an eye for detail. Each design is created with great pleasure and dedication. No copy-paste or Shutterstock, the design is discussed and adjusted from start to finish until we achieve an end result that makes us happy.

The best ink
When the cloth is printed, there are endless possibilities when it comes to ink. We select the ink with the most intense colours that remain vibrant for a long time, even after washing. This ink can vary for each base cloth. The composition of the cloth determines which ink is the best option and will produce the best result.

The name says it, finishing completes the fabric. Once the fabric has been woven and the design has been printed, this final step provides the finishing touch. Sometimes literally, because the fabric doesn't feel so good yet without a finish. In addition, the right finish can ensure a fabric shrinks less, make it UV-resistant, or less permeable to water.

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The answer is very simple; we love textiles and we love prints! And why settle for a thin cloth, average colours, and a disappointing result when you can have the best. We are passionate about our profession and devote a great deal of time and love to it. It gives so much satisfaction when the end product is simply beautiful. We never settle for less.

Another advantage of the best quality is that the production process goes smoothly. We work closely with our production partners in Europe and select the best materials in collaboration with them. They also like to use the right raw materials and good techniques. We seldom experience delays due to production faults or poor results. The process is reliable and that benefits us and our clients.

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A beautiful product in their store/webshop
In the first place, our clients are buying an ethical and beautiful product of high quality and with a pleasing design. The prints speak for themselves and draw the attention of the end consumer in the store or webshop. The fabrics therefore guarantee successful sales.

No complaints
In addition, our clients never have complaints. No faults in the fabric, no poor quality, and no returns due to an inadequate product. And that is good, because our clients are busy as it is.

Reliable delivery
Because the production process is reliable, we can deliver quickly. No delays, just a beautiful product that is back in stock quickly and available for sale. We ensure the success of our clients with this formula. We go for the best result together!

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