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Always ready for sales

You can only start selling the product once you have it on the premises or in the store. Keeping continuous stock of our collections and shipping to clients quickly and properly is therefore our main concern. This is what we do every day, and our entire operational process is organised accordingly.

Fast delivery
fast delivery

Order your favourite fabric rolls quickly and easily via our webshop

European production
european production

Thanks to our European partners, our production runs quickly and smoothly

Fabric wholesale

Our new warehouse is all about efficiency, speed and offering a pleasant work environment.


You can only be successful as a fabric shop or webshop if you have beautiful fabrics in your range. We understand this, which is why fast delivery of our fabrics is so important to us. We do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible. Order your favourite fabrics, quickly and easily in our webshop. In addition, you will find your previous orders in your personal account.  This makes the process or reordering your best-seller effortless.

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Our fabrics are all produced in Europe. We like this because it allows us to move quickly with our partners. Productions are made with care, errors are rare and quickly resolved. Productions arrive at our warehouse quickly, allowing us to keep them well-stocked. 

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Commercial fabrics
The most beautiful products, delivered fast & ready for sales. This is the basis for our clients' success


We built a new warehouse in 2021. Our everyday operation determined the design. Efficiency, speed and creating a pleasant workplace were at the top of our wish list. This has resulted in a beautiful, sleek and tidy warehouse that we are extremely proud of and enjoy working in.

Stock is continuously monitored by our purchasing department and when it runs thin, the response is swift. It is especially exciting when the new collections come out; which designs are going catch on and sell like hot cakes?

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meet our team

These are the people who ensure that you receive the most beautiful fabrics quickly
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Head of swatch department Astrid Bertrums

Whenever you hear uplifting Latin music, you know Astrid is nearby. Our head of the swatch department is a ray of sunshine, and her colourful outfits perfectly complement the equally expressive fabrics around her. Which is precisely where she prefers to be. "I just really love fabrics," she says.

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Logistics team leader Vincent Lamers

Easy-going Vincent is a true team player and therefore feels completely in his element as team leader of the logistics department. "We work for and with each other, no one is on their own." And with that sentiment, he and our warehouse staff ensure that you, the customer, get your favourite fabric rolls quickly.

Marleen designer

Designer and Team Leader Marleen van Schagen

If you’re holding one of our colourful digital prints in your hands, then there's a big chance that is was created by designer Marleen. She really is in her element at the computer. “I just love working ideas out and adding details to a design.” 

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