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Our extensive collection consists of many designs and timeless solids in various qualities. From the popular linen look to a luxurious jacquard. In addition, we produce as responsibly as possible and all our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.

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A white canvas or the popular linen look are a perfect foundation for colourful and understated designs

Fabric threads

Our jacquard and gobelin look and feel luxurious

Plain fabric

From dobby to bouclé: our plains combine beautifully with prints - or with each other


Thanks to its water-repellent finish, the outdoor collection is ideal for tablecloths and outdoor living


Typical of our collections are the bold, colourful prints in many themes. Our designs are mostly printed on canvas. We either use a white canvas or a canvas in a linen colour: the linen look. This is our clients' favourite. The natural look of the base canvas gives it warmth, while the light background is very well suited for the most vibrant designs. Although the properties of the canvases are similar, they each have a completely different look and feel.

In printing our designs, we apply both the classic rotary print and the more recent technique, digital print. The latter technique in particular (somewhat more expensive), gives stunning design results and much more detail and depth. The sky is the limit and so this technique is increasingly becoming the standard.

In addition to regular canvas prints, we also have canvases in a plain version. These are great in combination with a fun print and a perfect foundation for an end product in a natural base colour.

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Our gobelin and jacquard are woven fabrics with a luxurious look. They are sturdy and wear-resistant. A perfect interior fabric.

Gobelin means 'tapestry' and the warp thread in this woven fabric can be interlaced with different colours. The result is a heavy fabric that looks almost embroidered. Designs can be fleshed out at the pixel level.

Jacquard is a technique that allows for designs or patterns to be woven into the fabric. The jacquard weaving machine works with perforated cards. Each card represents a row of the pattern to be woven into the fabric. The cards are strung together to form a series of instructions that the weaving machine follows to create the pattern. Replacing the cards allows the machine to change patterns quickly, making it possible to weave different designs without having to reconfigure the entire loom.

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Our plain collection is as colourful as it is diverse. From the beloved Dobby range to Bouclé Deluxe and from our neutral linen looks to soft velvet. Solids make for a beautiful foundation and a great to combine with designs - or with each other.

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All our outdoor fabrics are water-repellent, colourfast and weatherproof. They come with a coating that allows little to no water to pass through. In addition, they are often made of acrylic. This makes this fabric ideal for tablecloths and garden cushions.

We have an extensive outdoor collection: from botanical drawings to graphic designs.

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The most beautiful decorative fabrics

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