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Aiming for the very best

We have a passion for textiles and love prints. We only want the very best for our clients and will not settle for less. Our premium-quality fabrics are unique and designed by our in-house design team. When developing a new fabric or collection, we take a critical look at all aspects that determine quality. This is how we have arrived at a combination of techniques and materials that match our high standards.

Fabric threads

Our fabrics are strong, do not wrinkle easily and offer a wide range of applications

Digital print

We select the ink with the most intense colours that remain vibrant for a long time, even after washing

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The right finish ensures that a fabric shrinks less and makes it UV or water-resistant.

European production

We work closely with our production partners in Europe and select the best materials in collaboration with them


The yarns that are woven into fabric can be natural or synthetic. Although 100% natural sounds the most ideal, it can still be better for the result to choose a combination of natural and artificial yarns. Especially for fabric processing, colour intensity or washing results. For each quality, we determine the most suitable composition of yarns to get the best result.

Prefer natural fabric? We also have a collection with fabrics made of 100% cotton.

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The quality of a fabric is determined, among other things, by the number of threads per cm. The woven base cloth consists of warp threads and weft threads. The higher the number of warp threads and the higher the number of weft threads per centimetre, the better the interior or decorative fabric will be. Particularly with the applications for decorative fabric in mind, we want our fabrics to have a minimum weight of 200 grams per m2. Not only does a higher thread count per cm produce a heavier weight, but also a higher fabric density. This increases the colour intensity when printed, and also when the woven fabric is used as plain cloth, or when it has a woven design. We therefore opt for more warp and weft threads so the fabric is firm and has a beautiful colour.

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The most beautiful product, a smooth process & never any complaints about the fabric


When our self-designed prints are printed on the fabric, there are many different ink options. We select the ink with the most intense colours that remain vibrant for a long time, even after washing. This ink can vary for each base cloth. The composition of the cloth determines which ink is the best option and will produce the best result.

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The finishing completes the fabric. Once the fabric has been woven and the design has been printed, this final step provides the finishing touch. Sometimes literally so, because it makes the fabric more pleasant to the touch. In addition, the right finish can ensure a fabric shrinks less or can make it UV or water-resistant. Take our extensive outdoor collection, for instance; perfect for outdoor living!

outdoor collection
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We work closely with our production partners in Europe and select the best materials in collaboration with them. They also like to use the right raw materials and good techniques. We seldom experience delays due to production faults or poor results. The process is reliable, which benefits both yourself and us. You will have no complaints about our products and we can deliver on time nearly without exception.

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