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Anneke van Nistelrooij
Account manager Anneke van Nistelrooy

Anneke van Nistelrooy grew up with a real winner's mentality. As a little girl, she was brought up with competitive sports and ‘going for gold’ was instilled in her at an early age. That is reflected in her leisure time on the tennis court and in her job as Account Manager for B&B Fabrics. Anneke derives great pleasure from making people happy in her sales role. She is a people person who is passionate about her field. We are proud to tell you more about this enthusiast.


Anneke always keeps developing herself. As a person, in the company, and in relation to her clients. She gives it her all on every level. “As a child from a competitive family, I struggled to cope with losing. I like winning. My parents raised me that way and I pass it on to my son in turn. An upward trend in my performance has been the dominant theme in my life.” That is also what makes her an essential part of our sales department. Just as she does on the tennis court, she always scores here with her mentality and dedication.

For Anneke, winning lies mainly in the human aspect. “Selling is my goal, but relationships always come first. Treating clients with humanity is the most important aspect to me. I don't like it when someone is pushy. Our collections offer something for everyone and something different suits every client. I engage in discussions to achieve the very best result for everyone.” In other words, she gives 110% of herself to unburden clients and to exceed expectations. 

As the Account Manager for the Netherlands and Belgium, Anneke comes into contact with many different clients. “The fact you deal with all kinds of people is what I like most about my job. Really getting to know someone and developing a good partnership with them. I derive satisfaction from that.” Anneke particularly enjoys adapting. She empathises with her interlocutor based on sincere interest and she senses what is required. She 'adapts' to the client's needs, as she puts it herself and always comes up with a suitable solution. That way, there are only winners.

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“I need to enage with people, that is really my strength.” To be able to keep holding her own, Anneke takes good care of her mind, body and soul during her spare time. “I think it is important to be comfortable with myself and to work on my happiness.” She also seeks out depth in life, but keeps both feet firmly on the ground. Balance is her top priority. She enjoys good conversations about how people really are, interspersed with lame chatter, silly jokes, and just having fun together. 

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“I need to enage with people, that is really my strength.”

Both in her personal life, with clients, and in the company, Anneke is the one who has time for a quick chat. “I wander around to be available for colleagues and to ensure everyone is happy within themselves. Making other people happy, that is what makes me happy. I enjoy nothing more and I am always available for others.” Family, friends, colleagues and clients: Anneke gives all of them the attention they deserve. So she is really in her element at B&B. “I come to work with a good feeling every day: it feels like family and everyone contributes to that in their own way.”

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