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Wendy Huijs
Developer Wendy Huijs - van den Ham

Wendy calls herself a real 'textile nerd'. She is crazy about fabrics, prints, bindings, trends and everything about textiles. "Textiles are very versatile. I find anything that has anything to do with it interesting." Ever since she was about 4 years old, she has been surrounded by her mother's sewing equipment. "I didn't play with dolls, but I did like to dress them up". So it came as no surprise that Wendy chose to study fashion and textiles. This power woman lives in her own unique way. Time to get to know her a little better.


When she was only 14 years old, Wendy took sewing lessons because she wanted to learn how to make her own clothes. Here she found herself among middle-aged women, while she was still only in high school. During her third year of high school, it became clear that school was not her thing. "I wanted to work using my hands. Designing something. Making what was in my head with my hands. That's why I chose to quit school then."

Wendy set out to follow her own path, one formed around character and creativity. Via the Dutch secondary vocational education levels 2 and 4, she ended up at a fashion school in Enschede, was allowed to make theatre costumes for Joop van de Ende and completed art school. This 'textile nerd' has no lack of perseverance.

Her creativity and entrepreneurial mentality led her to Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, where she worked as a freelancer on publications for 'The View', a world-renowned magazine.

After several jobs in - of course - the textile industry she was done with city life so she married and moved to Brabant. "I was looking for stability and literally searched Google Maps to see which companies in the area were doing anything with fabrics. B&B came up and over time, they kept popping up in my head. The cosiness of the family business appealed to me. ‘Just be yourself, and you will be fine’, I often say. I felt the same way about B&B. That's how I came to work here."

Gobelin houses


At B&B Fabrics, Wendy works as the linking factor between the design department, the purchasing department and the marketing department. The designers need information at the beginning of the design process. Wendy knows how to handle that. "I will prepare the design process and get to kick it off for the design team. Then I will work out ideas and provide guidance by means of mood boards. They will then begin the design process. Then they will come back to me with their work and I will communicate with the suppliers. If everything is in order and shows real B&B creativity and quality, the design will move on to the purchasing and marketing department. They will give it a commercial slant. I get to make sure it all works and I love that. I am are constantly creating and connecting. But what I enjoy most is finding trends, depicting them and putting my own twist on them. I always want to develop something unique and look at things in my own way. When you notice that is appreciated and that your vision allows you to grow, it truly gives you a huge kick."

At B&B Fabrics, Wendy feels at home. The organisation's values correspond to her own core values. "I can walk around the market, feel a fabric and know exactly what it is made of. That love for textiles is truly woven into my DNA. I also want to be able to answer every question. To see what's coming and respond accordingly. I strive to keep an overview. I am always ready. Besides, 'Be One' makes sense to me. The connections within this family business are very important to me and my work."

Wendy Huijs

"Having fun is important and to enjoy your job every day is something I would really like for everyone to have.”


Even outside of work, Wendy likes to connect and create. She is always on the lookout for new inspiration and loves to connect her entire network. In addition, Wendy can never sit still. "My hobby is my job, I can comfortably say that. 

"I am grateful for being granted the space to do everything I want. I can pay attention to everything and I feel very balanced. The stability allows me to do and make beautiful things again. I am proud of that. Especially when I look back on how I have moved throughout my life. Right now, I am living the life I have always worked for. Of course I still have dreams, but it is also important to enjoy where I am now. I enjoy my work, my husband and my dog Sela. Every day is a gift that I love to unwrap. Having fun is important and to enjoy your job every day is something I would really like for everyone to have.”

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